Let your pup come spend the day with Em&Pups! Daycare with us is a fantastic way to get your dog around other balanced dogs, give them mental and physical stimulation throughout the day, and makes sure that your dog is not home alone for your entire work day. Our Daycare is STRUCTURED, meaning that it is not a free for all. Dogs are provided with ample play, chill, and training time. Daycare dogs must be dog friendly (unless otherwise discussed), kennel trained, and drop off/pick up times must be communicated prior to drop off/pick up.

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*Drop Off and Pick Up times are scheduled individually in 15 minute windows*


$35 per day, +$25 per additional dog


Leaving town and not sure where to send your pup? Make sure you dog has a relaxing, safe vacation just like you! Our boarding services allow your dog to be cared for in a home setting. Home settings avoid the over stimulation that many kennels come with, more one on one attention for your dog, and round the clock care. Your dog will receive plenty of play time, along with time to relax and reboot. Boarding dogs must be kennel trained. Boarding dogs will be kenneled overnight and throughout the day as necessary. They ARE NOT required to be dog friendly, but prior mention of this is a must to ensure everyone's safety!


*It is encouraged that we meet prior to boarding, to make sure that your dogs are comfortable with me!


$60 per night for one dog, +$40 per additional dog


Private Sessions are for the owners that want to be engaged throughout the training process. Private Sessions are 1-2 hours long per session and cover all of the important information that you and your dog will need to live peacefully and successfully together.


Private Sessions are tailor made to fit you and your dog's lifestyle, training preferences, and your goals. This includes communication methods, lifestyle changes, relevant commands, socialization, and the use of play to train.



Board and Trains are 3 week long "bootcamps" for your dog. They are recommended for owners that do not have time to dedicate to private sessions, or that need more assistance with the training itself. These are tailored to fit your ultimate goals with your dog and revolve around your individual dog entirely. I only take one Board and Train at a time, to make sure that they get all of my training attention!


Board and Trains do require that owners still keep up on all of the lifestyle changes, and come with three additional PRIVATE sessions. One or two will be completed before the Board and Train and the remaining will come after. Additional support is available for the lifetime of your dog.